My inspiration for furniture and finish selection was the importance of formal sitting and dining rooms in the Art Deco period. These rooms were usually the only rooms that visitors would see and I wanted to evoke that special feeling. The living room's green couch and wallpaper in the dining room stand out among the subtle decor. All decorative elements align the period of the house yet satisfy the owners' passion for clean, modern lines.

The project is continually evolving as the clients continue to update elements of the house.  


When the first-time owners purchased this 1920s residence, they knew it would need updating, especially the kitchen. Yet enhancing the original architectural elements of the house was equally important. 

The house was built in the Art Deco style and I wanted to maintain as much originality as possible. A fresh color palette highlighted the architectural detailing. A new dark stain for the oak floors provides the house with a dramatic finish. Original chandeliers from the period remain in the dining room and entrance hallway .

To save on cost, the layout of the kitchen remained the same with the integration of newer appliances. However, custom elements such as the built-in kitchen bench were utilized. Development drawings for these custom elements were vital for accurate implementation.